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About Malaysia Welcomes You (MWY)


Promote and share the culture of peace loving and not selfish living.


Strive for sustainable happiness always and not a temporary one.


Progressive means making things better and not the other way is ingredient for successful sustainable living.

Earth Loving

Earth protecting is the duty of mankind who are sharing it together with all beings.

About Malaysiawelcomesyou.com :

About Malaysia Welcomes You :

It is A Dedicated Malaysians’  Tourism and Direct Booking Portal developed locally by Olabees sdn bhd with vision of sharing our beautiful and charming country to the world with localized tourism contents.

Malaysians are encouraged to contribute unique tourism contents so that it will help to enhance visitors’  experiences together with a happy, friendly and welcoming attitude towards all our visitors. 

This portal is duly supported by Malaysia Budget and Business Hotel Association (MyBHA) , Tourism Malaysia and other tourism stakeholders where MyBHA members, other hoteliers and tourism industry players can come together to promote jointly our country aggressively. 


It enables direct bookings with best deals from all hoteliers /tourism providers which will be offered by all stakeholders with more efficient joint marketing strategies , creative packaging  and able to market more efficiently and accountably via this smart collaboration.  



Important Note :

All direct bookings are between customers with hotels and tourism providers , any discrepancies shall dealt directly with hotels or providers only. Malaysia Welcomes You ,MyBHA or related parties are just co-ordinators, supporters or platform provider of all campaigns and act as direct booking engine and shall not liable for any claims or discrepancies. Do contact us if you need any clarification or assistance.


Why Malaysia Welcomes You (MWY) ?

I.   It is ” vision”  slogan created by a group of Malaysians to showcase our beautiful natural beauties from mountains, hills, forests, rivers to sea, villages and of cause our multicultural communities that are one of the most powerful hidden gem that we have.

A peaceful multicultural  nation in the world with abundance of cultures , cuisines , celebrations etc with a warm heart always.

2.   Every Malaysians can contribute as  “little” Malaysia ambassadors (LMA)  to bring out all the uniqueness of Malaysia and Malaysians to both local and global  visitors.

3.    All to have have memorable experience of  our unique with warm touches of Malaysians.

4.     Our unique composition of many multicultural  communities make us very unique and Truly Asia feel. 

5.     Showcase our adaptibility, gratitude and peaceful co-existance  among all Malaysians via Strength in Unity and Diversity.

Malaysia Welcomes You !

Happy, Friendly and Welcoming Always !

Malaysia, Truly Asia!

Little Malaysia Ambassador (LM Ambassadors)

Dear Fellow Malaysians !

Everyone of you is very important and everyone can contribute and be a small part in this joint effort.

Your contribution is highly appreciated and we Thank you for your kind effort and support !

Important Note :

By Signing-up as a Little Malaysia Ambassador (LM Ambassadors)  and start contributing your postings that  will be reviewed and approved for publishing once all the basic due diligence are done. 


Disclaimer :

Malaysia Welcomes You team strives on to deliver the best and latest information for the benefit of other valued travelers together with all our tourism stakeholder friends. All information are subject to change/may be outdated. Highly APPRECIATE if any latest updates from all concerned Malaysians to make Malaysia as the most Attractive and Peaceful Multi-cultural Nation in the world for all our valued guests to visit. Do update us at info@malaysiawelcomesyou.com. Have a nice day.


Portal developed by Olabees Sdn Bhd  which is registered under the Malaysia Companies Act Law 1965.