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About Malaysia Welcomes You


Promote and share the culture of peace loving and not selfish living.


Strive for sustainable happiness always and not a temporary one.


Progressive means making things better and not the other way is ingredient for successful sustainable living.

Earth Loving

Earth protecting is the duty of mankind who are sharing it together with all beings.

Malaysia is a beautiful and diverse country with many highlights. The many different regions, each with their own characteristic features, make this country the perfect destination for tourists. It is located in Southeast Asia, between Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. The huge island of Borneo is shared with Brunei and Indonesia, and borders in the north to the Philippines.

This one of Asia’s hidden gems is often overlooked with many surprising things most people don’t know about Malaysia.  Wait no more, come and discover Malaysia!



What is Malaysia Welcomes You?

It is ” vision”  slogan created by a group of Malaysians that feel that Malaysians are “lucky” lot and many had ” accidentally “overlook that our country is such a “blessed ” ones that is so peaceful, free from all ” typhoons and volcanic ”  eruptions and full of beautiful natural surrounding starting  from mountains, hills, forests, rivers and sea. One of the most powerful feature is that we are the most multicultural nations in the world where this unique environment and cultures are found no where else in the world.

Hence, a timely portal is created ie ” Malaysia Welcomes You “.  It is hope that same minded Malaysians will work together to engage all Malaysians together to utilize this platform as a ” Malaysians ”  driven portal where all can contribute by signing as users to little Malaysia ambassadors to bring out all the uniqueness of each and every part of Malaysians and the  country to the global  visitors.

It is with this hope that all visitors can truly enjoy having a great time and memorable experience of  our unique country of  Malaysia where all Malaysians to live together with a  Peace, Happy, Progressive and Earth Loving  ( PHPE ) vision .  With such a vision, all guests will surely be greeted with a Happy, Friendly  and Welcoming Always!

Malaysia is being the only country in the world  where there is a unique composition of 3 major Asian races (Malay, Chinese, Indian) with other smaller ethnic communities ie the Iban , Kadazan and other local ethnic groups plus some global races who are living and sharing  peacefully together this country despite vast differences in our  multi-cultures , races, religions, belief systems , cuisines and languages with out major problems. This bring more advantages and uniqueness to all.


Malaysians had been able to live together for more over 60 years and learn to work together with each other to resolve all challenges, pains and differences while able to enjoy all progresses from a poor country  through shared responsibilities and prosperity with many beautiful  natural attractions, cultures and celebrations. We are grateful for what we have to-date and shall strive to share this attitude of gratitute and also to eliminate all other negative cultures and attitudes.

Here, we will showcase, let you discover  and experience  the must-see destinations, must eat, must participate events or activities and do feel free to try to have local engagement together to share experiences and stories. With so many places, activities and many more things to do ,  Malaysia may seem overwhelming to all including our locals.

This is a Malaysians’ dedicated Tourism portal and also booking Apps that  provide the conveniences of making reservations or bookings with the latest deals for  hotel and other travel services with most affordable prices, availabilities and best promotions.

Malaysia Welcomes You !

Happy, Friendly and Welcoming Always !



Important Note :

Sign-up as a Little Malaysia Ambassador (LM Ambassadors)  and start contributing your postings that  will be reviewed and approved for publishing once all the basic due diligence are done. Upon published, you are entitled for lucky draws and entries to our competitions for free stays and prizes.  A million thanks for your kind efforts and support !!






Dear All Fellow Malaysians !

Why not we live our life to the fullest in our beautiful country.  We are born here and most will die here too.  Life is short and this is Fact of life.

1. Let’s work hard continuously  together for a sustainable peaceful, happy, progressive and earth loving life (PHPE) and not waste our time on any form of unnecessary or negative elements.

2. Let’s breath goodness, positiveness, ambitiousness and innovativeness together daily and eliminate all selfish and evil energies together.

3.  Let’s celebrate our ‘ national assets’ of our unique multi-cultural background where Malaysia, a Truly Asia nation with a PHPE vision  via practicing a Strong, United, Responsible and Inclusive (SURI) culture.

4.  Everyone of us is very important and everyone can contribute and be a small part in this joint effort of nurturing and “ cultivating ” this country from a “ High Growth” High Impart “  that is damaging our country gradually to a “ High Growth ” to “Low impact “ and gradually to even extending our hands to others in our global communities in the future.

5.  Let’s make the Shared Prosperity Vision of 2030 is a reality together.


Malaysia Welcomes You  Malaysians Team

Malaysia, Truly Asia

Happy, Friendly and Welcoming

Towards a sustainable PHPE and SURI nation