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Bentong Night Walk

Bentong Night Walk

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Bentong has about 118 years of history, there is 3 old streets and the village there, each of this place consist of their own history and culture. Bentong Walk officially opened on 31 October of 2015, and has a very localized tourist attraction, where one of the main highlights here is actually the Bentong Walk Night Market which is held on weekends. Bentong town is also over hundred years old, making this century old town , which is rich with a lot of character.You can find everything here like all kinds of local snacks, drinks, food, consumer goods and even handmade craft products.

Address: 92, Jalan Chui Yin, 28700 Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia

River by the old village to catch fireflies

Adults and children alike will be enchanted by this firefly tour, departing from Cherating in the evening. Step aboard a boat for a 1-hour ride through the mangroves of the Cherating River. Your knowledgeable guide is passionate about these charming insects — winged beetles whose bioluminescence glows after dark. Watch while hundreds of little flying lights fill the trees!
  • 60-minute firefly tour in Cherating
  • Ride a boat through the mangroves
  • Let a guide shine a light on hundreds of fireflies
  • Learn about the behaviors of these bioluminescent creatures