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Book of Wisdom campaign – 2021 

Malaysia Welcome You is embarking on a corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme focusing on education for under privileged groups of people especially their children. Our programme is focusing of distributing books for children between age 7 to 15 years old especially children in PPR , orang asli villages and orphanages.  We are dedicated 1%* of all our sales /pruchases done in 2021 at our website toward  buying books and expenses operating this campaign and we are looking for people to donate their old books to us.  The used books are not exercise books, more to any form of story books , fictions or non fiction as well.  

We are also looking for volunteers to participate in our voluntourism packages as part of our effort to cultivate a strong support system especially families to participate to handle these group of highly sensitive, undeveloped and constantly lack of human connection support group to cultivate and motivate their children to have strong interests in desire to learn living skills such as reading and self sustaining living culture with out losing their traditional cultures and belief systems.

Our collection centre is at Anggun Boutique Hotel , 7-9 Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, and please contact us at 012 2277 566  before your drop your books. We have our team from 9.30am till 8.30 pm Monday to Saturday. 

Please share us your name and contact numbers and email address when your deliver to us. We hope this campaign can help all our young generations to be cultivate good living cultures that promote the spirit of harmony in diversity that is our greatest asset /strength found no where else in the world with our multicultural societies.  Please do help to share this to all your friends and family  members.   

Give without,  rememberingReceive without forgetting always… 

May all Malaysians be happy and well always !

  • for non promotional products or subject to terms and conditions.

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