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In the early 1900s, a young Chinese sojourner Chung Khin Seong (1888 – 1957) from , Guangdong, came to Malaya to seek his fortune. His story was typical of the many immigrants who had come mainly from Fujian and Guangdong, two southern provinces in China: they came as sojourners, working as traders or miners, hoping one day to return home. Many did not return and they were later to be joined by their spouses and family members from China. Today the majority of the Chinese population, descendants of the early immigrants are no longer have any ties with China, they had live together with all the other races who made this country our home and help to build this nation together to what it is today and to mould into a respected progressive, happy and nature loving country.

All those early days of nation building and cultivation had made Malaysia as one of the most peaceful modern multicultural nation in the world where every challenges were resolved with tolerance and mutual respect withOUT  major problems. This made Malaysia stronger and more mature as time passby and we hope to share all our uniqueness, stories and beauties to the rest of the world.

The history of the hotel started in the mid-1930s, after having made their fortune, the Chung clan bought over two 1920s colonial houses, numbers 7 and 9, which now make up the present Anggun Boutique Hotel. The houses still holds fond memories of life during pre Independence and after Independence for the descendants as it had been the nucleus of the extended family of the clan until it was sold off in 1974..

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