According to the United Nations Environment Programme, an estimated minimum of 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the oceans each year. Plastic straws are undeniably one of the most commonly littered items found floating at sea, and are severely endangering marine wildlife and tourism. A video of a plastic straw being painfully removed from the nostril of a sea turtle went viral in 2017, attracting the attention of millions worldwide to its devastating impact to sea creatures. Unknown to most, this problem – man-made and preventable at that – has been costing at least USD8 billion in damage to marine ecosystems.

Malaysians use up about 31 million plastic straws every day, based on conservative estimates, and these would likely end up in landfills.

Each plastic straw takes “hundreds of years” to degrade, says environment and solid waste management specialist Dr Theng Lee Chong, who estimates that one straw is used per person each day in Malaysia.

Let’s us together create a better Malaysia by reduce the usage of plastic straw as it’s the most commonly littered plastic item. Thus, we urge all Malaysian from any sectors to join us in this “No Plastic Please!” campaign.

To anyone interested to purchase reusable straw, kindly email to We will provide product and purchase details through email.  Kindly be informed that Olabees Sdn Bhd does not make any profit through this campaign. We will provide the best price we can get to those who are interested.