Strength in Unity and Diversity!



Attention all Malaysians!

Reboot Malaysia Challenge 2021 (RMC21) is a challenge for all.

RMC21 is about Malaysians holding hands together to manage Covid-19 effectively and to reboot our livelihood by adapting life with Covid-19 in a more sustainable and holistically.

Everyone is very important and as proven, Malaysians are caring, supportive, understanding and as well as talented citizens that can work together in overcoming all challenges and shortcomings. Tapping our Strength in Unity and Diversity aggressively is the key to our success.

All others differences that not giving any benefits should be put aside.

Living with covid-19 is going to be a new norm for some time.

With clear data, statistics, transparency, joint decision making, and accepting differences rationally and being progressive, we can open up our economy systematically and safely.

Reboot Malaysia Challenge 2021 is for all and the success will depend on participation and support from all parties.

Stay Strong and Stay United to all Malaysians !

Malaysians for Malaysians.

Secretariat Office

Malaysia Welcomes You.

1 September 2021

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Note: RMC21 is a nonpolitical and nonreligious initiative and all constructive comments are welcome and any disruptive/conflicting etc are not.

Let’s makes ReBOOT Malaysia a success together !

Initiated by :

Malaysians for Malaysians

For more info, please whatsapp to 012 327 8800