Celebrations of Malaysia’s Unique Diverse Heritages !



Dear great friends from Malaysians and International Valued Guests !

Malaysia Heritage Fest 2022 (MHF 22 ) is dedicated Festival to showcase all the Unique Malaysia Heritages ranging from Food, Culture, Art and Natural heritages for all to experience, to enjoy, to appreciate as explore and to be grateful of what we have that make Malaysia a truly ” Unique ” Heritages.

MHF 22 is all about Malaysia’s heritages starting from 1 CE with over 2000 years with our geographical location make the land is a magnet for many travellers to settle down and live in this beautiful land. Today, it’s rich history, diversified community and natural beauties had cultivated a unique open minded peaceful loving citizens with a good living culture of unity in diversity with our unique heritages that are peace lovint, diversity loving and multi-cultures loving community. After years of learning from our past mistakes, the heritages from the beauty of our cultures make it a good example of diversity in unity.

Today, with over 6 decades new nation creation , is time to showcase for the all to enjoy and appreciate of its good values and living cultures.

Through appreciating our history, the importance of cultivating a happy, caring, supportive, harmonious and understanding loving community, may the world have a sustainable peace and prosperity.

MHF 2022 will showcase best of the food cultures, arts, best of natural beauties and good human created structures over 13 states and one Federal Territory for the enjoyment of all.

This Festival is organized by MyBHA Kuala Lumpur Chapter ( A Hoteliers’ Non – Profit Organization with over 2300 members nationwide and over 80,000 rooms nationwide where it carry the voices of Business, Comfort and Unique Accommodation Owners/Operator Nationwide). For more info, check out FB and also website : www.anggunkl.com

It is registered with the Registrar of Society under the name of Malaysia Budget and Business Hotel Association.

It’s official partner portal is Malaysia Welcomes You and all other partners are looking forward to welcome all to our event.

Our official Organizing and Secretariat Office at based at Malaysia Welcomes You Office located at the famous 4 star classic boutique hotel ie Anggun Boutique Hotel located at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

MyBHA – Business, Comfort, Unique .

25 July 2022

PS: We welcomes all keen participation partners to send us a message at our hotel 012 327 8800 for us to share you information on how you can participate in this existing event.

Note: MHF 22 is a Malaysians for Malaysians event and all constructive comments/ideas/partnership are welcome for our committee ‘s evaluations and approval. Tq for your kind understanding.

Let’s Celebrate the Malaysia’s Heritages together and together, to welcome our foreign tourists to enjoy our Unique Heritages !

For more info, please whatsapp to 012 327 8800/ +601156776120